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About a month ago, we woke to news that there was a catastrophic flood in our studio due to a break in a city sewage pipe. After spending days working on clean-up, flushing out the several inches of standing water and doing everything possible to disinfect and eliminate odor and mold, it became clear that the space had been rendered unusable and we were forced to close our doors at 19 W Preston Street.

We've been scrambling to find another good location and are thrilled to announce that we have found a new home! Starting this Saturday, September 16, we will be located just a few blocks from our old location, at 202 E Madison Street, within the gorgeous new boutique gym and yoga studio, Lift Yoga and Strength. You can read all about Lift and their fantastic, full body-supportive offerings here: https://www.facebook.com/LiftBmore/

Our practitioners, services, and prices will all remain the same with slightly extended hours; to celebrate the move we are offering $10 off all appointments booked through the end of the month (ends Oct 1)! As always, appointments can be booked online via Schedulicity:

Or by calling us directly:
Aurora (acupuncture, massage): (240) 600-7139
Jess (reiki): (410) 570-5016

We are infinitely grateful for the support and patience of the community and can't wait to see you at our new spot!

The Charming Raven is a hub for healing arts practices and a future universal bookstore. Our mission is to provide access to knowledge and resources, which nurture the mind, body, spirit and community. We are a safe space and we believe in universal inclusion for all people and all bodies. We aim to honor and reflect the unique experience of each individual.

Our healing arts practices currently include acupuncture, massage, doula and reiki services. Other modalities will be added as we grow and evolve. Check out our Healing Arts page for more details. Or click below to schedule now!

Our future universal bookstore will encompass reading material on hundreds of topics, handmade items by local artisans and other products related to supporting and developing the whole self and community. See our Universal Bookstore page for more info and updates!

The Charming Raven is commited to sustaining both individuals and the community in all aspects of their being. Our Resources page will contain links and info for helpful government, non-profit, discount and other support services. If there's anything you'd like to see or recommend, please send us an email!

We have just moved to a new location and we are open for appointments!!! Schedule yours today:) We look forward to seeing you!

For same day appointments, contact the practitioners directly. Check back frequently for specials, events and news and please follow us on social media!!!

Meet our featured local artist for the months of May-July - Tom MacIntosh!

Tom MacIntosh has been creating photographic art since the 1980’s. Accomplished in both film and digital photography, Tom recently has focused on landscapes, botanicals, pinhole photography and fine art nudes.

Tom makes his residence in Baltimore city, and much of his subject matter is local to Baltimore. His exhibits in Baltimore have been in coffee shops, wine bars and fine antique and furniture showrooms. His works have also been included in exhibits at Maryland Art Place and Full Circle Gallery.

You can also find his online gallery at tom-macintosh.squarespace.com.

Meet our featured local artist for the month of April - Matthew Pony Payroll Bones!

My work is ritualistic excavation... the archaeology of the present...where the future time travels to us like a dissipating cloud row boat in a robin egg blue river spring sun ray sloshing day whilst the past is always whistling a cough or ringing a bell ….the past is not even past.

THough my work has genesis in the sordid torrential tangled snarled root systems of traumatization...the work certainly reaches out beyond the opaque to speak a unique divinity ghost duels soul inspired divinity gnosis clarity from the other woozy worlds.

The work ...the good work...speaks visual orientation from the haunted crossroads and the foggy riverbanks where two rivers converge to form a third river. There is a mystery. There is a mystery where the ghost is the soul and the soul is the ghost. All may seem to duel in these bright brief beams of what they call daylight.

There is a place where the shadow leaps back into the pulsating reconciling hearts of man and woman. THere is a divinity dialogue that shall go beyond the fitful unease of hoarse whisperings pervading the banal mutinous gluttony of tired wearisome materialistic biologic wary wearisomes.

A blog can be found at ponybonesoutsiderpoeticsnmusic.blogspot.com that displays and discusses my art. MOst compositions are available for purchase. You can contact me about art or anything else at laughner@hotmail.com or through the blog or www.facebook.com/pony.p.bones


Meet our featured local artist for the month of February - Justin Wainio!

I am a mixed-media artist living and working in Baltimore. My work spans painting, drawing, collage, photography, and printmaking. My style changes with whatever is inspiring me at the time. I do look to fashion and graphic design for much of my inspiration.

Meet our featured local artist for the month of February - Shy!

I needed to escape the negativity and heartbreak of life so when I was four years old I started creating a world named “Interworld” in my head that became my safe haven and ultimately the subject of my art practice for the past eight years. Along side creating a world I also created characters that live with in it. The main character is named “Shy” and he was the very first character I created. He and all of his other friends are put into difficult situations that mimic the kind of situations I have experienced in real time and space. Each of my pieces has a hidden narrative behind them but I am not interested in telling the stories out right to my viewers.

My work is greatly influenced by my long career as a graffiti artist in Baltimore, Maryland. I continue to incorporate techniques and tools that I have used for so many years as a graffiti artist to stay in touch with my roots. Some examples of the tools and techniques that I continue to incorporate into my artwork are dark bold outline and spray-paint alongside handle styled lettering. My main goal of painting or drawing this world is more for entertainment than anything. Since I am not interested in telling the stories behind my work I do not consider myself a story teller instead I want to take my viewers to a new place even for a second. I want them to forget about all the bullshit in life and just enjoy what’s in front of them because that’s what creating this world does for me. I recently adopted “Shy” as an artist alter ego about a year ago. He takes my place when I am faced with situation I myself am not comfortable with in life. He attends gallery openings, formal events and many other occasions! He is still a work in progress!

To learn more about Shy’s artwork, follow him on instagram: @interworldart

Meet our featured local artist for the month of January - Shay McCafferty!

Born and raised in Montgomery County Maryland, Shay McCafferty is a 24 year old artist pursuing a career in medical and scientific illustration. She has her Associates in Fine Arts from Montgomery College and is currently enrolled at the Maryland Institute College of Art, majoring in drawing with a concentration in printmaking.

Growing up in the small town of Damascus, Maryland, Shay found herself caught between two passions. A love for the beautiful game of soccer, as well as her creative spirit for the visual arts. After two torn ACLs, two sprained MCLs, two torn menisci and a concussion she felt it was time to focus mainly on her artwork. Shay, draws inspiration from her background as an athlete and her interest in how the human body functions. Shay also draws inspiration from the natural world and how every living organism has a purpose. Her artwork explores the journey of life and death while symbolically addressing subconscious thought.

To learn more about Shay’s artwork, follow her on instagram: @shay_mccafferty

Meet our featured local artist for the month of December - Katie Elwes!

From the islands of Bermuda, Katie Ewles is a multi-disciplinary artist with a passion for the old and the new; the traditional and the popular. Primarily a musician, Katie moved to the Baltimore area in 2013 to pursue her career as a classical composer, songwriter, jazz pianist, and vocalist at the Peabody Conservatory. Since, she has become much more involved with her appetite for the visual arts (particularly painting, and charcoal/ink drawings), and has had her work displayed and sold, both in the United States, and overseas.

For Katie, being an artist in the 21st century means actively engaging with synergy between Art forms and styles, as well as collaborating with other artists. Through this approach, Katie strives to create work that is simultaneously intimate and universal, sophisticated and adventurous, and has the potential to be thought-provoking, captivating, and memorable to a wide-range of audiences. Katie’s recent work has been largely inspired by curiosity in the big and small, and with social politics, particularly race and gender. Through color, she aims to explore the beauty of diversity, and the power of the individual within larger society. Her breadth of experience with both traditional and modern Art and Music has certainly informed her artistic style, which she often describes in one word: resourceful. Katie often aims to limit her resources (whether physical materials, influences, ideas, structures, etc.) in an effort to produce work that is more self-informed and self-aware. In this sense, by limiting resources, the potential of selected and available resources is more thoroughly explored (for example, only using one color allows the artist to explore the qualities and variations of that one color much more intimately, than if they were working with multiple colors). Katie believes this minimalistic approach often leads to an implied universality in her work: leaving room for viewers to read-between-the-lines and engage personally with the work, while simultaneously providing ‘common-ground’ that serves as a catalyst, allowing viewers to draw parallels between their own experience and the experiences of others.

To learn more about Katie, and see more of her work, please visit www.katiethecreator.com

Meet our featured local artist for the month of November - Serenity Smith!

Serenity is a 25 year old independent artist, working mostly in Maryland and New York. She graduated from Towson University in 2013 where she studied painting, drawing, and printmaking. Today she occupies most of her time by traveling, learning, and making art.

"This is going to sound really vain, but all of these paintings are about me. Now that you know this, I must also let you know that they are equally about you. If we are all reflections of one another, then I know that everytime I paint a picture of someone I am also revealing something about myself. My process is very personal, and I have a real connection to every piece I create. These are visual manifestations of ideas that are swirling around in my mind, and I am so happy to share them. I'd like to think that my style is constantly evolving, as I find new ways to express ideas. Currently my style is leaning towards Afro psycho surrealism. (I made that up) As my work changes, the female figure as a favorite subject remains a constant. I like to create pieces that force people to think and ask questions, but also things that people can relate to. I have also included two abstract pieces by my artist friend SmileyTheRager. Working with him has helped me to introduce some abstract elements into my paintings, and I have found that artistically we create a nice balance together. I am so very in love with, and fascinated by this thing called life, and more than anything I hope that transcends through my artwork "


IG @8erenity